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Hypnotherapist, Generative Coach, NLP Trainer
Professional Speaker and Writer

In a complex and demanding world of performance, you can always decide to create the life you dream of and experience it. You can be more creative, more connected and aligned with your inner world, your values and your desires.  

When difficulties seem to meet you and block your actions. When you feel emotionally upset or out of control or unable to achieve what you wish. When you need to create a new way to be.

When you feel that you are not aligned as a person or as a leader, a coach or a therapist can be helpful and supportive for your life's journey. 

Based in the South of France, Giorgia Sanfiori -  coaching, hypnosis, mindfulness - welcomes you in Cannes, the city of film, and in Grasse, the city of perfume.”  Alpes Maritimes,06 (FR).


The right place to connect with yourself and find your balance


Executive Coaching  
Leadership Development and Retreats
Generative Trance and Change
Mindfulness and Personal Balance
Innovation and Management Facilitator
Seminars and Workshops
Supervision of therapists and coaches
Motivational Speaker and event strategy

As a Transformational coach and supervisor, I contribute to the emergence of insights, resources, and solutions which allow my clients to create generative changes and durable balance in their professional and personal life.


They learn how to generate new experiences and knowledge, and create the life and the world they want to belong to. They will be able to align their vision/mission/ambition/role whenever a new challenge appears.


I am specialised in Innovation Management, Generative Coaching and Generative Change, Leadership and Collective Intelligence, and Generative Trance.

I collaborate with Robert Dilts, and with Stephen Gilligan to spread awareness around Collective Intelligence, Generative Change and Innovation in the entrepreneurial business world. I am an IAGC Supervisor and the French Representative for IAGC ( International Association for Generative Change - www.generative-change.com


My core clients are mostly CEOs ,CXOs, General Managers, and top achievers.

I provide support for the French and the International markets, with sessions in English, French, or Italian).



  • Leadership, Visioning and Strategies,

  • Corporate and Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Intercultural Coaching

  • Generative Coaching, Trance  and Generative Change

  • Team Building and Team Development

  • Appreciative Enquiry Consultancy

  • Co-Animation of World Cafe, Open Space Technology, U Theory

  • Art of hosting and emerging of collective intelligence and creativity.

I provide In House Training Seminars: Management, Leadership, New Talents training, Effective Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Conflict Management, Stress Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching Trainings...

I am a well known Motivational Speaker about Self Awareness, Transformational Change, Creative Leadership.... You can contact me for motivational presentations at conventions, kick offs, etc.

Because of my long experience with event content and planning, I help to create innovative events for companies who wish to stand out from the crowd.

In the field of Generative Change, I have been trained and supervised by Stephen Gilligan. www.stephengilligan.com


Contact Me

You can come and meet me in Cannes or in Grasse -in the South of France

You can also have Skype or WhatsApp sessions 

Giorgia Sanfiori

64, Av. de Vallauris

06400 Cannes - FR


121, Boulevard E.Rouquier

06130 Grasse Sud - FR


Tel: +33(0)6.89377401


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