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I'm Giorgia Sanfiori, professional coach since 2004, and I'll accompany you in French, Italian and English.


Hypnotherapist since 2009 and coach supervisor, I initiated this new chapter in my life after 18 years traveling the world as a communications director.


My academic background:

- PhD in philosophy, modern arts, foreign languages (English and French).

- Master's degree in communications and public relations.


My certifications in the coaching professions: NLP Teacher, Professional coach, Team coach, Health coach, Generative change coach and supervisor, Master practitioner and teacher of Ericksonian and Transgenerative Hypnosis, Mindfulness teacher.


I am also Consultant in the emergence of collective intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Consultant, Lumina & DISC accredited, Executive & Team Coach – SYNTEC Accreditation. 


I'm also certified in the Lumina and DISC profile program, a color-coded tool that enables you to get to know yourself and your colleagues better, and thus improve your communication.


When I left my job as communications director, I felt the need to contribute to change in emerging companies.

My aim is to accompany individuals in the creation of their life balance, to help them give meaning to their actions, to enable them to create a harmonious path, in line with their values and their quest.


I've been observing for almost 20 years that human beings tend to focus on one part of their being to solve a problem, instead of questioning what they feel with their head, heart and body.

My Vision

We are all on a never-ending learning journey.


We can decide to enjoy and love every single moment of our journey.

Make it magic by adding poetry, love, and gratitude in everything you do.

My mission

My mission is to help companies become responsible players who have a sustainable impact on the world and their sector, and who take environmental issues into account.


I help organizations implementing strategies that respect people. I also help and support individuals to harmonize their professional and personal, individual paths.


I base my intervention on their experiences to help them to evolve and to find a personal balance. I enhance them to face complex situations and harmonize their personal and professional lives.


It's important for me to respect the ethics and deontology I've established with myself and with the companies I work with.

How do I Work

My approach is simple: I believe in Harmony among mind, body and soul, and the outside world​.

We have everything in us to live a meaningful, healthy, and happy life, but we get stuck in negative realities.


We build mental and emotional boundaries that separate us from connections with our true "me", with others, with the world, and with nature. We lose our inner wisdom and we become a scattered puzzle, unable to find our unique place in the magic of the world.

My clients learn how to reconnect to their inner needs, how to develop the emotional and mental state of a high performer person by being relaxed and focused at the same time.

They develop a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to welcome and transform what they consider the "dark side" of their way of thinking/feeling/behaving into bright potentiality and helpful resources.

I generally meet my clients between eight and ten times over six months. We conceive a personal program together. Each session usually lasts 90 minutes.

Another popular offering is a Leadership retreat of two or three days. The client experiences what is called "A Hero's Journey" in order to define the path to take to achieve goals and live a meaningful and happy life.

Clients learn to focus on a higher purpose, to explore their vision and mission, their ambitions, and they learn how to connect at the best in themselves and in others.

When I work with corporations, we take a systemic approach to co-create self-tailored programs and coaching sessions to integrate the company culture. I work with the leader, the managers and their teams regularly over a nine-month development program. Together we fix measurable individual and team goals. Team members learn to "think out of the box," to trust each other, to be assertive, and to be solution-oriented.

I create motivational Team Building experiences to consolidate trust and the feeling of belonging to a community that share values and culture

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